Radio for bingham, by bingham

Radio Bingham

Bringing Bingham Together
Local Station

A truly Local Station run by Volunteers for the people of Bingham. With shows tailor made for Bingham showing of it’s rich past and the hopeful future.

Local Partnerships

We want to work with local non-profit organisations to give a voice to those that need it the most. Charities should be able to spread the word without the financial burden of doing so.

Local Views

Everyone has an opinion and we don’t always agree with them, but here at Radio Bingham everyone has an opportunity to be heard. Politicians, Religious Leaders, Business Owners and you, the general public.

The right music mix

The population of Bingham are not all 15 in the same way we are not all 80+ we will provide shows and musical choices aimed at giving everyone something to listen to. From Frank Sinatra to Post Malone, From Adele to Abba, From Jax Jones to Michael Jackson.

About this venture

A Community Station with a different approach

After years of Community Radio across the UK in different areas I saw some of the best of this sector but also some of the worst. The aim of Radio Bingham is to provide a Community Station with a difference. Most stations require a central studio with access open to all presenters day and night, this requires a level of trust and a high cost to provide both the equipment and the property. Right now the world is becoming more and more independent and the facilities available to us in our homes are greater than ever. So the propsal is for this to be a de-centralised station, giving control to those that want to invest and be a part of this project. This way, not only do we have truly commited volunteers, but the quality of content is kept up with the help and support of the more technically minded volunteers.

  • Local Volunteers

    We need you to help run the station

  • Local Business Support

    We need the support of the Local Business community to help us grow

  • Local Charities/Non-Profit

    We need you to help us, without you we will not achieve our aim

  • Local Musicians/Authors/Historians

    We need your talent and time to show what Bingham is about

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